Advanced Control Engineering – Ronald Burns – 1st Edition


“Advanced Engineering” provides a complete course in control engineering for undergraduates of all technical disciplines. Starting with a basic overview of elementary control theory this text quickly moves on to a rigorous examination of more advanced and cutting edge date aspects such as robust and intelligent control, including neural and genetic algorithms.

With examples from aeronautical, marine and many other types of engineering, Roland Burns draws on his extensive teaching and practical experience presents the subject in an easily understood and applied manner.

Engineering is a core subject in most technical areas. Problems in each chapter, numerous illustrations and free Matlab files on the accompanying website are brought together to provide a valuable for the engineering and lecturer alike. This title provides complete course in Engineering. It includes real life case studies and numerous problems.

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    1. Introduction to Control Engineering

    2. System Modelling

    3. Time Domain Analysis

    4. Closed-Loop Control Systems

    5. Classical Design in the S-plane

    6. Classical Design in Frequency Domain

    7. Digital Control System Design

    8. State-Space Methods for Control System Design

    9. Optimal and Robust Control System Design

    10. Intelligent Control System Design

  • Citation
    • Full Title: Advanced Control Engineering
    • Author/s:
    • ISBN-10: 0750651008
    • ISBN-13: 9780750651004
    • Edition: 1st Edition
    • Topic: Electrical
    • Subtopic: Control Theory
    • File Type: eBook
    • Idioma: English

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