Advanced Gas Turbine Cycles – J. H. Horlock – 1st Edition


Primarily this describes the thermodynamics of cycles. The search for high gas turbine efficiency has produced many variations on the simple “open ” plant, involving the use of heat exchangers, reheating and intercooling, water and steam injection, cogeneration and combined cycle plants. These are described fully in the text.

A review of recent proposals for a number of novel gas turbine cycles is also included. In the past few years work has been directed towards developing gas which produce less carbon dioxide, or plants from which the CO2 can be disposed of; the implications of a carbon tax on electricity pricing are considered.

In presenting this wide survey of gas turbine cycles for generation the author calls on both his academic experience (at Cambridge and Liverpool Universities, the Gas Turbine Laboratory at MIT and Penn State ) and his industrial work (primarily with Rolls Royce, plc.) The book will be essential for final year and masters students in mechanical engineering, and for practising engineers.

Table of Contents

A brief review of power generation thermodynamics.
Reversibility and Availability.
Basic gas turbine cycles.
Cycle effeciency with turbine cooling.
Full calculations of plant effeciency.
Wet gas turbine plants.
The combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT).
Novel gas turbine cycles.
The gas turbine as a cogeneration plant.
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