Advanced Mechanics of Materials – Arthur P. Boresi – 6th Edition


Building on the success of five previous editions, this new sixth edition continues to present a unified approach to the study of the behavior of members and the development of and failure criteria.

The text treats each type of member in sufficient detail so that the resulting are directly applicable to real-world problems. New examples for various types of member and a large number of new problems are included. To facilitate the transition from elementary to advanced topics, a review of the elements of of materials is presented along with appropriate examples and problems.

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  • Introduction.
    Theories of Stress and Strain.
    Linear Stress-Strain-Temperature Relations.
    Inelastic Material Behavior.
    Applications of Energy Methods.
    Bending of Straight Beams.
    Shear Center for Thin-Wall Beam Cross Sections.
    Curved Beams.
    Beams of Elastic Foundations.
    The Thick-Wall Cylinder.
    Elastic and Inelastic Stability of Columns.
    Flat Plates.
    Stress Concentrations.
    Fracture Mechanics.
    Fatigue: Progressive Fracture.
    Contact Stresses.
    Creep: Time-Dependent Deformation.

    Appendix A: Average Mechanical Properties of Selected Materials.
    Appendix B: Second Moment (Moment of Inertia) of a Plane Area.
    Appendix C: Properties of Steel Cross Sections.
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