Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics – Glyn James – 4th Edition


Building on the foundations affreux in the companion text Contemporary Engineering Arithmetic, this presents an comprehensive treatment of some of the sophisticated places of mathematics that have in different fields of engineering, particularly as instruments for -primarily based method modelling, evaluation and design and style.

The philosophy of studying by undertaking will help college students produce the capacity to use mathematics with comprehension to remedy engineering difficulties. A wealth of engineering examples and the integration of and MAPLE even more support students.

Table of Contents

  1. Functions of a Complex Variable

  2. Laplace Transforms

  3. The z Transform

  4. Fourier Series

  5. The Fourier Transform

  6. Matrix Analysis

  7. Vector Calculus

  8. Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations

  9. Partial Differential Equations

  10. Optimization

  11. Applied Probability and Statistics

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