Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – R. Miller, M. Miller – 2st Edition


A Complete, Up-to-Date Guide to AC and Refrigeration

Fully revisited to cover the latest techniques, tools, refrigerants, and equipment, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Second Edition, provides a thorough introduction to the and practices of the AC and refrigeration industry.

Step-by-step instructions, along with more than 800 photographs and illustrations, demonstrate efficient, -effective, and current methods for choosing, installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, servicing, and repairing today’s cooling and climate control systems. Whether you’re a do-it-yourself, a professional technician, or a student, you’ll find the task-simplifying details you need for any project.

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  • Chapter 1. Tools, Instruments, and Specialized Equipment
    Chapter 2. Development of Refrigeration
    Chapter 3. Voltage, Current, and Resistance
    Chapter 4. Solenoids and Valves
    Chapter 5. Electric Motors: Selection, Characteristics, and Problems
    Chapter 6. Refrigerants: New and Old
    Chapter 7. Refrigeration Compressors
    Chapter 8. Condensers, Chillers, and Cooling Towers
    Chapter 9. Working With Water-Cooling Problems
    Chapter 10. Evaporators
    Chapter 11. Refrigerant: Flow Control
    Chapter 12. Servicing and Safety
    Chapter 13. Freezers
    Chapter 14. Temperature, Psychrometrics, and Air Control
    Chapter 15. Comfort Air Conditioning
    Chapter 16. Commercial Air-Conditioning Systems
    Chapter 17. Various Types of Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
    Chapter 18. Estimating Load and Insulating Pipes
    Chapter 19. Insulating Power for Air Conditioners
    Chapter 20. Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Careers
    Appendix A. Some New Refrigerants
    Appendix B. Electrical and Electronic Symbols Used in Schematics
    Appendix C. Programming Thermostats
    Appendix D. Tools of the Trade (Plus Frequently Asked Questions With Answers)
    Appendix E. Generic Substitute Names Used in SNAP Listings
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