Air Conditioning Engineering – W. P. Jones – 5th Edition


Designed for and professional engineers, the fifth edition of this classic text deals with fundamental science and principles of air conditioning systems. W P Jones is an acknowledged expert in the field, and he uses his experience as a lecturer to present the material in a logical and accessible manner, always introducing new techniques with the use of worked examples.

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  • The need for air conditioning
    * Fundamental properties of air and water vapour mixtures
    * The psychrometry of air conditioning processes
    * Comfort and inside design conditions
    * Climate and outside design conditions
    * The choice of supply design conditions
    * Heat gains from solar and other sources
    * Cooling load
    * The fundamentals of vapour compression refrigeration
    * Air cooler coils
    * The rejection of heat from condensers and cooling towers
    * Refrigeration plant
    * Automatic controls
    * Vapour absorption refrigeration
    * Airflow in ducts and fan performance
    * Ventilation and a decay equation
    * Filtration
    * Index
  • Citation

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