Elementary Linear Algebra – Stanley I. Grossman – 5th Edition


Intended for the first in , this widely used text balances mathematical techniques and mathematical proofs. It presents theory in small steps and provides more examples and exercises involving computations than competing texts.

Most of the text assumes a knowledge of high-school level algebra with no , although some examples and exercises involve topics from . This fifth edition features examples from a variety of disciplines, theorems tying together topics in the study of matrices and linear transformations, self-tests, calculator boxes to help with calculator use, discussion of multiplication and LU-factorizations of a , and tutorials from MATLAB .

Table of Contents

1. Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices.
2. Determinants.
3. Vectors in R2 and R3.
4. Vector Spaces.
5. Linear Transformations.
6. Eigenvalues, Eigenvesors, And Canonical Forms.

Appendix 1: Mathematical Induction.
Appendix 2: Complex Numbers.
Appendix 3: The Error in Numerical Computations and Computational Complexity.
Appendix 4: Gaussian Elimination with Pivoting.
Appendix 5: Using MATLAB.

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