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Algebra and Trigonometry Enhanced with Graphing Utilities – Michael Sullivan – 6th Edition


Michael Sullivan’s time-tested approach focuses students on the fundamental skills they need for the : preparing for class, practicing with homework, and reviewing the concepts.

The Enhanced with Serieshas evolved to meet today’s course needs by integrating the usage of calculator, active-, and in new ways to help students be successful in their course, as well as in their future endeavors.

Table of Contents

1. Graphs, Equations, and Inequalities
2. Graphs
3. Functions and Their Graphs
4. Linear and Quadratic Functions
5. Polynomial and Rational Functions
6. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
7. Trigonometric Functions
8. Analytic Trigonometry
9. Applications of Trigonometric Functions
10. Polar Coordinates; Vectors
11. Analytic Geometry
12. Systems of Equations and Inequalities
13. Sequences; Induction; the Binomial Theorem
14. Counting and Probability
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