Algebra and Trigonometry – Sheldon Axler – 1st Edition


& is written for the two semester . The text provides students with the skill and understanding needed for their coursework and for participating as an educated citizen in a society.

Axler Algebra & Trigonometry focuses on depth, not breadth of topics by exploring necessary topics in greater detail. Readers will benefit from the straightforward definitions and plentiful examples of complex concepts.

The Student Manual is integrated at the end of every section. The proximity of the solutions encourages students to go back and read the main text as they are working through the problems and exercises. The inclusion of the manual also saves students money.

College Algebra and Trigonometry will appeal to those who want to give important topics more in-depth, higher-level coverage. This text offers streamlined approach accompanied with accessible definitions across all chapters to allow for an easy-to-understand read. College Algebra contains prose that is precise, accurate, and easy to read, with straightforward definitions of even the topics that are typically most difficult for readers.

Table of Contents

1 The Real Numbers
2 Combining Algebra and Geometry
3 Functions and Their Graphs
4 Polynomial and Rational Functions
5 Exponents and Logarithms
6 e and the Natural Logarithm
7 Trigonometric Functions
8 Trigonometric Algebra and Geometry
9 Applications of Trigonometry
10 Systems of Equations and Inequalities
11 Sequences, Series, and Limits
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