Analog Circuits World Class Designs – Robert A. Pease – 1st Edition


Newnes has worked with Robert Pease; a leader in the field of analog to select the very best design-specific material that we have to offer. The Newnes portfolio has always been know for its practical no nonsense approach and our design content is in keeping with that tradition.

This material has been chosen based on its timeliness and timelessness. Designers will find inspiration between these covers highlighting basic concepts that can be adapted to today’s hottest technology as well as design material specific to what is happening in the field today.

As an added bonus the editor of this tells you why this is important material to have on hand at all times. A library must for any in these fields.

*Hand-picked content selected by analog legend Robert Pease

*Proven best practices for op amps; feedback loops; and all types of filters

*Case histories and examples get you off and running on your current

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Review of Feedback Systems
Chapter 2: My Approach to Feedback Loop Design
Chapter 3: Basic Operational Amplifier Topologies and a Case Study
Chapter 4: Finding the Perfect Op Amp for your Perfect Circuit
Chapter 5: Review of Passive Components and a Case Study in PC Board Layout
Chapter 6: Analog Lowpass Filter
Chapter 7: Highpass Filters
Chapter 8: Noise
Chapter 9: How to Design Circuits Without a Computer or Lots of Ppaer
Chapter 10: Bandpass Filters
Chapter 11: Bandstop Filters
Chapter 12: Current Feedback Amplifiers
Chapter 13: The Basics Behind Analog-to-Digital Converters
Chapter 14: The Right ADC for the Right Application
Chapter 15: Working the Analog Problem from the Digital Domain
Chapter 16: What's All This Error Budget Stuff, Anyhow?
Chapter 17: What's All This Vbe Stuff, Anyhow?
Chapter 18: The Zoo Circuit

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