Analog Integrated Circuit Design – D. Johns, K. Martin – 2nd Edition


This book presents a concise treatment of the wide range of knowledge required by an integrated designer. Full coverage of the design and testing of high performance is provided.

It offers a modern vision of analog design of . Covering everything from stages to models to high-level issues, the authors make a point to highlight the “real life” implications of this material for the circuit designer as a pro.

It also presents a concise treatment of the wide range of knowledge required for the design of integrated . Emphasis on the most important and fundamental principles in creating state-of-the-art analog circuits. Coverage includes contemporary subjects, such as dynamically matching current mirrors, digital error correction and and folding D / D converters.

Table of Contents


Integrated Circuit Devices and Modelling
Processing and Layout
Basic Current Mirrors and Single-Stage Amplifiers
Noise Analysis and Modelling
Basic Opamp Design and Compensation
Advanced Current Mirrors and Opamps
Sample and Holds, Voltage References, and Translinear Circuits
Discrete-Time Signals
Switched-Capacitor Circuits
Data Converter Fundamentals
Nyquist-Rate D/A Converters
Nyquist-Rate A/D Converters
Oversampling Converters
Continuous-Time Filters
Phase-Locked Loops
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