Analysis of Structures: An Introduction Including Numerical Methods – Joe G. Eisley, Antony M. Waas – 1st Edition


Structural Analysis offers an original way of introducing to the subject of analysis of stresses and deformations of solid objects; this text also helps them to become familiar with how numerical methods such as are used in the industry.
Eisley and Waas assure the reader a deep understanding of the basic knowledge and a vision of the interpretation of the results of these that can be generated with numerical methods.

Throughout the text, we include the development of analysis along with the equivalent, providing the student with the understanding that it is necessary to interpret and use the that are obtained by the software based on the finite element method. We then extend these methods for analysis of the solid and structural components that are used in modern aerospace, and civil engineering .

Table of Contents

Chapter 1- Low-Energy House
Chapter 2 – Zero-Energy Building
Chapter 3 – Passive House
Chapter 4 – Heat Recovery Ventilation
Chapter 5 – Building Automation
Chapter 6 – Over-Illumination
Chapter 7 – Compact Fluorescent Lamp
Chapter 8 – Cool Roof
Chapter 9 – Green Roof
Chapter 10 – Daylighting
Chapter 11 – Earth Sheltering
Chapter 12 – Techniques & Practices of Low Energy Building Engineering
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