Analytical Chemistry for Technicians – John Kenkel – 4th Edition


Written as a training manual for chemistry-based laboratory technicians, this thoroughly updated fourth edition of the bestselling Analytical Chemistry for Technicians emphasizes the applied aspects rather than the theoretical ones. The book begins with classical and follows with a practical approach to the world of sophisticated instrumentation commonly used in real-world laboratories. Providing a foundation for the two key qualities—the analytical mindset and a basic understanding of the analytical instrumentation—this book helps prepare individuals for success on the job.

Chapters cover sample preparation, gravimetric analysis, titrimetric analysis, instrumental analysis, spectrochemical , such as atomic spectroscopy and UV-Vis and IR molecular spectrometry, chromatographic techniques, including gas chromatography and high-performance liquid chromatography, electroanalytical methods, and more. Incorporating an additional ten years of teaching experience since the publication of the third edition, the author has made significant updates and enhancements to the fourth edition.

– More than 150 new photographs and either new or reworked drawings spanning every chapter to assist the visual learner.
– A new chapter on mass spectrometry, covering GC-MS, LC-MS, LC-MS-MS, and ICP-MS.
– Thirteen new laboratory experiments.
– An introductory section before chapter 1 to give a preview of general laboratory considerations, safety, laboratory notebooks, and instrumental analysis.
– Additional end-of-chapter problems, expanded “report”-type questions, and inclusion of relevant section headings in the Questions and Problems sections.
– Application Notes in each chapter.
– An appendix providing a glossary of and good laboratory practice (GLP) terms.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Analytical Science
Chapter 2: Sampling and Sample Preparation
Chapter 3: Gravimetric Analysis
Chapter 4: Introduction to Titrimetric Analysis
Chapter 5: Applications of Titrimetric Analysis
Chapter 6: Introduction to Instrumental Analysis
Chapter 7: Introduction to Spectrochemical Methods
Chapter 8: UVVis and IR Molecular Spectrometry
Chapter 9: Atomic Spectroscopy
Chapter 10: Introduction to Chromatography
Chapter 11: Gas Chromatography
Chapter 12: HighPerformance Liquid Chromatography and Electrophoresis
Chapter 13: Mass Spectrometry
Chapter 14: Electroanalytical Methods
Chapter 15: Miscellaneous Instrumental Techniques
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