Antenna Engineering Handbook – John L. Volakis, Thomas F. Eibert – 4th Edition


The “bible of antenna engineering” fully updated to provide state-of-the-art coverage in antenna design and applications Edited by John L. Volakis; one of the world’s leading authorities in antenna engineering; this trusted resource covers all the classic antenna types plus many new types and designs used in communications systems; satellites; radars; and emerging applications from WLAN to automotive systems to to smart antennas.

You will also find expert discussion of topics critical to successful antenna design and engineering; such as techniques and computational methods; a materials guide; wave propagation basics; microwave circuits; and matching techniques; as well as diversity and MIMO propagation models; frequency selective surfaces; and metamaterials.

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1 Fundamentals of antennas, arrays, and mobile
Ch. 2 Frequency bands for military and commercial
Ch. 3 Arrays of discrete elements
Ch. 4 Dipoles and monopoles
Ch. 5 Loop antennas
Ch. 6 Small antennas
Ch. 7 Microstrip antennas
Ch. 8 Slot antennas
Ch. 9 Waveguide slot antenna arrays
Ch. 10 Surface-wave antennas
Ch. 11 Leaky-wave antennas
Ch. 12 Helical antennas
Ch. 13 Frequency independent antennas
Ch. 14 Horn antennas
Ch. 15 Reflector antennas
Ch. 16 Wideband microstrip antennas
Ch. 17 Dielectric resonator antennas
Ch. 18 Lens antennas
Ch. 19 Ultrawide bandwidth antenna design
Ch. 20 Phased arrays
Ch. 21 Array phase shifters : theory and technology
Ch. 22 Conformal and low-profile arrays
Ch. 23 Millimeter-wave and terahertz antennas
Ch. 24 Ultra wideband arrays
Ch. 25 Smart antennas
Ch. 26 Methods of polarization synthesis
Ch. 27 Low- and medium-frequency antennas
Ch. 28 HF antennas
Ch. 29 VHF and UHF antennas for communications and broadcasting
Ch. 30 Portable TV antennas
Ch. 31 Reconfigurable antennas
Ch. 32 Active antennas
Ch. 33 Fractal antennas
Ch. 34 Low profile antenna performance enhancement utilizing engineered electromagnetic materials
Ch. 35 Reflectarray antennas
Ch. 36 Mobile handset antennas
Ch. 37 Broadband planar antennas for high-speed
Ch. 38 Antennas for medical applications
Ch. 39 Automobile antennas
Ch. 40 Aircraft antennas
Ch. 41 Radiometer antennas
Ch. 42 Antenna tracking
Ch. 43 Microwave beacon antennas
Ch. 44 Satellite antennas
Ch. 45 Earth station antennas
Ch. 46 Seeker antennas
Ch. 47 Direction finding antennas and systems
Ch. 48 ESM and ECM antennas
Ch. 49 Radio-telescope antennas
Ch. 50 Indoor antenna measurements
Ch. 51 Transmission lines and waveguides
Ch. 52 Impedance matching, broadbanding, and baluns
Ch. 53 Radomes
Ch. 54 Propagation
Ch. 55 Materials and design data
Ch. 56 Frequency selective surfaces
Ch. 57 Propagation models and antennas for MIMO
Ch. 58 Multipath techniques for handset/terminal antennas

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