Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design – Constantine Balanis – 2nd Edition


This introduces the fundamental principles of antenna theory and explains how to apply them to the , design, and measurements of antennas. Due to the variety of methods of and design, and the different antenna structures available, the covered in this book are made to some of the most basic and practical antenna configurations.

Provides color and gray scale figures and illustrations to better depict antenna radiation characteristics. The text contains sufficient mathematical detail to enable undergraduate and beginning graduate in and to follow the flow of analysis and design. Readers should have a basic of undergraduate electromagnetic theory, including Maxwell’s equations and the wave equation, introductory , and and calculus.

Table of Contents

1. Antennas.
2. Fundamental Parameters of Antennas.
3. Radiation Integrals and Auxiliary Potential Functions.
4. Linear Wire Antennas.
5. Loop Antennas.
6. Arrays: Linear, Planar, and Circular.
7. Antenna Synthesis and Continuous Sources.
8. Integral Equations, Moment Method, and Self and Mutual Impedances.
9. Broadband Dipoles and Matching Techniques.
10. Traveling Wave and Broadband Antennas.
11. Frequency Independent Antennas, Antenna Miniaturization and Fractal Antennas.
12. Aperture Antennas.
13. Horn Antennas.
14. Microstrip Antennas.
15. Reflector Antennas.
16. Smart Antennas.
17. Antenna Measurements.
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