Applied Fluid Mechanics – Robert L. Mott – 6th Edition


For undergraduate-level courses in Fluid or Hydraulics in , Chemical, and Technology and Engineering programs. The most popular -oriented approach to engineering technology fluid mechanics, this text covers all of the of fluid mechanics-both statics and dynamics-in a clear, practical presentation that ties theory directly to real and systems used in industries, manufacturing, plant engineering, waste water handling and product . Readable and clearly written, the new 6th edition brings a much more attractive appearance to the and includes many updates and additional features.

Table of Contents

1. The Nature of Fluids and the Study of Fluid Mechanics.
2. Viscosity of Fluids.
3. Pressure Measurement.
4. Forces Due to Static Fluids.
5. Buoyancy and Stability.
6. Flow of Fluids and Bernoulli's Equation.
7. General Energy Equation.
8. Reynolds Number, Laminar Flow, Turbulent Flow, and Energy Losses Due to Friction.
9. Velocity Profiles for Circular Sections and Flow in Noncircular Sections.
10. Minor Losses.
11. Series Pipe Line Systems.
12. Parallel Pipe Line Systems.
13. Pump Selection and Application.
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