Applied Physics – Paul E. Tippens – 6th Edition


In the study of all , there is always a , a classic that and use. In physics, the work that has succeeded in gaining the readers’ confidence in Latin America, generation after generation, is Tippens. Physics concepts and .

In this edition we offer a different option to the text of physics, we have the class notes for this , with key concepts of each chapter, ideal for handling what you need to know when solving Physics exercises. It contains useful mathematical advice, clear definitions, problem-solving strategies, and more than 100 questions to stimulate thinking. All as a detailed summary of the text, from each chapter.

Table of Contents

Part I: Mechanics
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Technical Mathematics
Chapter 3 Technical Measurements and Vectors
Chapter 4 Translational equilibrium and friction
Chapter 5 Moment of Twisting and Rotational Balancing
Chapter 6 Uniform Acceleration
Chapter 7 Newton's Second Law
Chapter 8 Work, Energy and Power
Chapter 9 Impulse and amount of movement
Chapter 10 Uniform circular motion
Chapter 11 Rotation of rigid bodies
Chapter 12 Simple Machines
Chapter 13 Elasticity
Chapter 14 Simple harmonic motion
Chapter 15 Fluids

Part II: Thermodynamics, Mechanical Waves and Sound
Chapter 16 Temperature and Dilation
Chapter 17 The amount of heat
Chapter 18 Heat Transfer
Chapter 19 Thermal Properties of Matter
Chapter 20 Thermodynamics
Chapter 21 Wave Motion
Chapter 22 Sound

Part III: Electricity, Magnetism and Optics
Chapter 23 The electric force
Chapter 24 The electric field
Chapter 25 Electrical Potential
Chapter 26 Capacitance
Chapter 27 Current and resistance
Chapter 28 DC Circuits
Chapter 29 Magnetism and magnetic field
Chapter 30 Forces and moments of torsion in a magnetic field
Chapter 31 Electromagnetic induction
Chapter 32 AC Circuits
Chapter 33 Light and illumination
Chapter 34 Reflection and mirrors
Chapter 35 Refraction
Chapter 36 Lenses and optical instruments
Chapter 37 Interference, Diffraction and Polarization

Part IV: Modern Physics
Chapter 38 Modern Physics and the Atom
Chapter 39 Nuclear Physics and the Nucleus
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