Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants Vol. 1 – Ernest E. Ludwig – 3rd Edition


The material in this was prepared in good faith and carefully reviewed and edited. The author and publisher, however, cannot be held liable for errors of any sort in these chapters. Furthermore, because the author has no means of checking the reliability of some of the data presented in the public literature, but can only examine it for suitability for the intended purpose herein, this information cannot be warranted.

Also because the author cannot vouch for the experience or technical capability of the user of the information and the suitability of the information for the user’s purpose, the use of the contents must be at the bestjudgment of the user.

This volume of Applied Process is intended to be a chemical process manual of and proven fundamentals with supplemental and related data and charts (some in the expanded Appendix). It will assist the in examining and analyzing a problem and finding a method and mechanical specifications to secure the proper mechanical hardware to accomplish a particular process objective.

An expanded chapter on safety requirements for chemical and equipment and application stresses the applicable Codes, design methods, and the sources of important new data.

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Table of Contents

1. Process Plannhg, Scheduling and Flowsheet Design
2. Fluid Flow
3. Pumping of Liquids
4. Mechanical Separations
5. Mixing of Liquids
6. Ejectors and Mechanical Vacuum Systems
7. Process Safety and Pressure-Relieving Devices

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