Applied Strenght of Material – Robert L. Mott – 5th Edition


This provides comprehensive coverage of the key topics in of with an emphasis on applications, problem solving, and design of structural members, mechanical and systems. It includes coverage of the latest tools, trends and techniques, and makes great use of example problems.

Chapter topics include basic concepts; design properties of materials; design of members under direct stress; axial deformation and thermal stresses; torsional shear stress and torsional deformation; shearing forces and bending moments in beams; centroids and moments of inertia of areas; stress due to bending; shearing stresses in beams; special cases of stresses; the general case of combined stress and Mohrs circle; beam deflections; indeterminate beams; columns; and pressure vessels. For practicing mechanical designers and engineers

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  • Chapter 1. Material resistance basics
    Chapter 2. Material design properties
    Chapter 3. Direct effort, deformation and design
    Chapter 4. Torsional shear stress and torsional deformation
    Chapter 5. Cutting forces and bending moments in beams
    Chapter 6. Centroids and moments of inertia of areas
    Chapter 7. Effort due to flexion
    Chapter 8. Shear stresses in beams
    Chapter 9. Flexions in beams
    Chapter 10. Combined Efforts
    Chapter 11. Columns
    Chapter 12. Pressure vessels
    Chapter 13. Connections
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