Astronomy Today – Steve McMillan – 5th Edition


For one- or two-semester introductory courses in astronomy. / is a trusted text that offers the most complete and innovative package available for introductory astronomy.

The goal of the Fifth Edition is to focus on the process of discovery and to better convey how is done. Particular attention was given to clearly and concisely presenting scientific terms to the non-science student. Volume 1 includes Chapters 1-16, plus chapter 28. Volume 2 includes Chapters 1-5 plus 16-28.

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Table of Contents

1: Charting the Heavens
2: The Copernican Revolution
3: Radiation
4: Spectroscopy
5: Telescopes
6: The Solar System
7: Earth
8: The Moon and Mercury
9: Venus
10: Mars
11: Jupiter
12: Saturn
13: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto
14: Solar System Debris
15: The Formation of Planetary Systems
16: The Sun
17: Red Giants and White Dwarfs
18: The Interstellar Medium
19: Star Formation
20: Stellar Evolution
21: Stellar Explosions
22: Neutron Stars and Black Holes
23: The Milky Way Galaxy
24: Normal and Active Galaxies
25: Galaxies and Dark Matter
26: Cosmology
27: The Early Universe
28: Life in the Universe

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