Basic Electrical Engineering – C. L. Wadhwa – 4th Edition


In the fourth edition of Basic , two more chapters have been added. Chapter i on DC explains the International of Units and gives clear concepts of electrical circuits, current, voltage or potential, resistance, power and . Also, Ohm’s law and Kirchoffs laws have been explained with a of series and parallel circuits using these laws.

Chapter ii on induction explains Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction and Lenz’s law. Laws of electromagnetic forces, dynamically and statically induced e.m.f.’s have also been explained. Further, concepts of mutual and self-inductances, and hysteresis losses and eddy current losses have been discussed.

Under AC circuits, in chapter 1, the concepts of leakage flux, fringing flux, magnetostatic potential, m.m.f. and reluctance have been included. With these additions, the utility of this book has been greatly enhanced.

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Table of Contents

D.C. Circuits
Electromagnetic Induction
A.C. Circuits
Network Theory
Three Phase Supply
Basic Instruments
D.C. Machines
Three-Phase Synchronous Machines
Three-Phase Induction Motors
Single Phase Induction Motors
Power System
Domestic Wiring
Multiple Choice Questions
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