Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis – J. David Irwin – 8th Edition


Irwin’s Basic Analysis has built a solid reputation for its highly accessible presentation, clear explanations, and extensive array of helpful aids. The eighth edition, has been fine-tuned and revised, making it more effective and even easier to use. It covers such topics as resistive , nodal and loop analysis techniques, capacitance and inductance, AC steady-state analysis, polyphase , the Laplace transform, two-port networks, and much more.

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Table of Contents

1. Basic Concepts.
2. Resistive Circuits.
3. Nodal and Loop Analysis Techniques.
4. Operational Amplifiers.
5. Additional Analysis Techniques.
6. Capacitance and Inductance.
7. First – and Second – Order Transient Circuits.
8. AC Steady –State Analysis.
9. Steady-State Power Analysis.
10. Magnetically Coupled Networks.
11. Polyphase Circuits.
12. Variable- Frequency Network Performance.
13. The Laplace Transform.
14. Application of the Laplace Transform to Circuit Analysis.
15. Fourier Analysis Techniques.
16. Two-Port Networks.
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