C++/CLI: The Visual C++ Language for .NET – Gordon Hogenson – 1st Edition


This gives developers – both the experienced and those who have only taken their first few steps – a small, fast-paced primer that will kick-start them into the world of C++/CLI.

In twenty no-fluff chapters Microsoft insiders take readers into the heart of the C++/CLI language and explain both how the language elements work and how Microsoft intends them to be used.

At the end of this short book readers will have a deep thorough grounding in the core language elements and the confidence to explore further that comes from a solid understanding of a language’s syntax and .

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introducing C++/CLI
Chapter 2. A quick tour of the C++/Cli language features
Chapter 3. Building C++/Cli programs for the .NET developer platform with visual C++
Chapter 4. Object semantics in C++/Cli
Chapter 5. Fundamental types: Strings, arrays, and enums
Chapter 6. Classes and structs
Chapter 7. Features of a .NET class
Chapter 8. Inheritance
Chapter 9. Interfaces
Chapter 10. Exceptions, attributes, and reflection
Chapter 11. Parameterized functions and types
Chapter 12. Interoperability
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