C++ Network Programming, Vol. I – Douglas C. Schmidt – 1st Edition


As networks, , and systems continue to evolve, engineers face the unique challenge of creating reliable distributed within frequently changing environments. “C++ , Volume 1, ” provides practical solutions for developing and optimizing distributed systems using the ADAPTIVE Environment (ACE), a revolutionary open-source framework that runs on dozens of hardware platforms and operating systems.

This book guides software professionals through the traps and pitfalls of developing efficient, portable, and flexible networked applications. It explores the inherent complexities of concurrent networked applications and the tradeoffs that must be considered when working to master them.

“C++ Network Programming” begins with an overview of the issues and tools involved in distributed concurrent applications. The book then provides the essential design dimensions, patterns, and principles needed to develop flexible and efficient concurrent networked applications. The book’s expert author team shows you how to enhance design skills while applying C++ and patterns effectively to develop object-oriented networked applications.

Table of Contents

Chapter 0. Design Challenges, Middleware Solutions, and ACE

Part I: Object-Oriented Network Programming
Chapter 1. Communication Design Dimensions
Chapter 2. An Overview of the Socket API
Chapter 3. The ACE Socket Wrapper Facades
Chapter 4. Implementing the Networked Logging Service

Part II. Concurrent Object-Oriented Network Programming
Chapter 5. Concurrency Design Dimensions
Chapter 6. An Overview of Operating System Concurrency Mechanisms
Chapter 7. The ACE Synchronous Event Demultiplexing Wrapper Facades
Chapter 8. The ACE Process Wrapper Facades
Chapter 9. The ACE Threading Wrapper Facades
Chapter 10. The ACE Synchronization Wrapper Facades

Appendix A. Design Principles for ACE C++ Wrapper Facades
Appendix B. The Past, Present, and Future of ACE
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