Calculus: Early Transcendental – Edwards & Penney – 6th Edition


Contemporary instructors and face traditional challenges as well as new ones that result from changes in the role and of mathematics by scientists and in the world at large. As a consequence, this sixth edition of our textbook is its most extensive revision since the first edition appeared in 1982.

This revision is nearly a new —yet it retains the accuracy, mathematical precision, and rigor appropriate that it is known for. This contains an entire six chapters on early transcendental calculus and a completely new chapter on equations and their . For professionals who want to brush up on their calculus skills.

Two entire chapters of the fifth edition have disappeared from the table of contents and an entirely new chapter now appears there. Most of the remaining chapters have been extensively rewritten.

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Table of Contents

1. Functions, Graphs, and Models
2. Prelude to Calculus
3. The Derivative
4. Additional Applications of the Derivative
5. The Integral
6. Applications of the Integral
7. Techniques of Integration
8. Differential Equations
9. Polar Coordinates and Parametric Curves
10. Infinite Series
11. Vectors, Curves, and Surfaces in Space
12. Partial Differentiation
13. Multiple Integrals
14. Vector Calculus.

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Review :

Example problems in the book can take up several pages showing the majority of steps needed, and can be easily be applied to homework problems in the chapter. Easy read and understandable.

Review :

A staple of a book for any engineering discipline.