Calculus: Early Transcendentals – James Stewart – 5th Edition


Stewart’s CALCULUS, Fifth Edition has the precision, accuracy, clarity of exposition and outstanding examples and problem sets that have characterized the first four editions. Stewart retains the focus on problem solving and the pedagogical system that has made the book a favorite of and instructors in a wide variety of colleges and universities throughout the world.

In this Fifth Edition, he has made hundreds of small improvements: new examples, additional steps in existing examples, updating of data in existing examples and exercises, new phrases and margin notes to clarify the exposition, references to other sources and sites, redrawn art, and references to the TEC CD ( for Enriching Calculus).

These refinements ensure that and instructors have the best available. The number of pages in the book, however, remains unchanged from the 4th edition. Further support for and instructors is now available through a vast array of supplementary material.

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  • A Preview of Calculus.
    1. Functions and Models.
    2. Limits and Derivatives.
    3. Differentiation Rules.
    4. Applications of Differentiation.
    5. Integrals.
    6. Applications of Integration.
    7. Techniques of Integration.
    8. Further Applications of Integration.
    9. Differential Equations.
    10. Parametric Equations and Polar Coordinates.
    11. Infinite Sequences and Series.
    12. Vectors and the Geometry of Space.
    13. Vector Functions.
    14. Partial Derivatives.
    15. Multiple Integrals.
    16. Vector Calculus.
    17. Second-Order Differential Equations.
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