Calculus – Edwin Purcell, Dale Varberg – 9th Edition


This popular text remains the shortest mainstream calculus available – yet covers all relevant material needed by, and appropriate to, the study of at this level. It’s conciseness and clarity helps you focus on, and understand, critical concepts in calculus without them getting bogged down and lost in excessive and unnecessary detail. It is accurate, without being excessively rigorous, up-to-date without being faddish.

This new edition presents a series of that will help users to better understand the themes, such as:

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  • Review and introduction issues. </ li>
  • The number of concept has increased significantly. </ li>
  • Many more ask the about graphs. </ li>
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  • 1. Preliminaries.
    2. Functions and Limits.
    3. The Derivative.
    4. Applications of the Derivative.
    5. The Integral.
    6. Applications of the Integral.
    7. Transcendental Functions.
    8. Techniques of Integration.
    9. Indeterminate Forms and Improper Integrals.
    10. Infinite Series.
    11. Numerical Methods, Approximations.
    12. Conics and Polar Coordinates.
    13. Geometry in the Plane, Vectors.
    14. Geometry in Space, Vectors.
    15. The Derivative in n-Space.
    16. The Integral in n-Space.
    17. Vector Calculus.
    18. Differential Equations.
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