Calculus – James Stewart – 4th Edition


Stewart’s calculus: concepts and contexts, the fourth edition offers a simplified approach to teaching calculus, focusing on the main concepts and supporting those with precise definitions, patient explanations and carefully classified problems.

This is very appreciated because this text offers a balance of theory and conceptual work to satisfy the most progressive programs, as well as those who feel more comfortable teaching in a more traditional way. Each degree is only one component of a comprehensive program of courses that carefully integrates and coordinates the printing, media and products for successful teaching and learning.

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  • Chapter 1: Functions And Models
    Chapter 2: Limits And Derivatives
    Chapter 3: Differentiation Rules
    Chapter 4: Applications Of Differentiation
    Chapter 5: Integrals
    Chapter 6: Applications Of Integration
    Chapter 7: Differential Equations
    Chapter 8: Infinite Sequences And Series
    Chapter 9: Vectors And The Geometry Of Space
    Chapter 10: Vector Functions
    Chapter 11: Partial Derivatives
    Chapter 12: Multiple Integrals
    Chapter 13: Vector Calculus
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