Calculus – James Stewart – 7th Edition


For each section of Stewart’s Single text, the Study Guide provides students with a brief introduction, a short list of concepts to master, as well as summary and focus with explained answers. It also contains “ Plus” questions, and multiple-choice “On Your Own” exam-style questions.

For students needing to remediate their skills in the context of the taught, assign the new JIT (just-in-time) problems. JIT are carefully selected prerequisite review problems tied to specific calculus problems and assignable at the section level.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Functions And Models
Chapter 2: Limits And Rates Of Change
Chapter 3: Derivatives
Chapter 4: Applications Of Differentiation
Chapter 5: Integrals
Chapter 6: Applications Of Integration
Chapter 7: Inverse Functions: Exponential, Logarithmic, And Inverse Trigonometric
Chapter 8: Techniques Of Integration
Chapter 9: Further Applications Of Integration
Chapter 10: Differential Equations
Chapter 11: Parametric Equations And Polar Coordinates
Chapter 12: Infinite Sequences And Series
Chapter 13: Vectors And The Geometry Of Space
Chapter 14: Vector Functions
Chapter 15: Partial Derivatives
Chapter 16: Multiple Integrals
Chapter 17: Vector Calculus
Chapter 18: Second-Order Differential Equations

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