Calculus: Single Variable – D. Hughes-Hallett – 5th Edition


recognize as the source of reference between “reforms”, projects that attempt to rationalize the curriculum, in order to deepen conceptual understanding. The fifth edition of Calculus: Individual ; uses all the chapters of the “Rule of Four” – , numerical, symbolic / algebraic and verbal presentations / – to make concepts easy to understand. The focuses on exploring fundamental ideas in place give a wide coverage of the many cases that are not essentially unique.

Table of Contents

1 A Function Library
2 Key Concept: Derivative
3 Shortcuts for Differentiation
4 Applications of the Derivative
5 Key Concept: The Definite Integral
6 Building Antiderivatives
7 Integration
8 Applications of the Definite Integral
9 Successions and Series
10 Approximation of Functions using Series
11 Differential Equations
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