Cambridge English Phonetics and Phonology – Peter Roach – 2nd Edition


Since the publication of the first edition in 1983, this has established itself as the most practical, comprehensive text in the field and become widely used in many parts of the world in universities and other institutions of higher education. This new edition takes into account recent developments in the teaching of .

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Table of Contents

2.The production of speech sounds
3. Long vowels, diphthongs and triphthongs
4.Voicing and consonants
5.The phoneme
6. Fricatives and affricates
7. Nasals and other consonants
8. The syllable
9. Strong and weak syllables
10. Stress in simple words
11.Complex word stress
12. Weak forms
13. Problems in phonemic analysis
14. Aspects of connected speech
15. Intonation 1
16. Intonation 2
17. Intonation 3
18. Functions of intonation 1
19. Functions of intonation 2
20. Further áreas of study in phonetics and phonology
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