Chemical Engineering Design Vol.6 – R. K. Sinnott – 4th Edition


Chemical Design is one of the best-known and widely adopted texts available for of chemical engineering. It deals with the application of chemical engineering principles to the design of chemical and equipment. Revised throughout, the fourth edition covers the latest aspects of process design, , safety, loss prevention and equipment selection, among others. Comprehensive and detailed, the book is supported by and selected . In addition the book is widely used by professionals as a day-to-day reference.* Best selling chemical engineering text
* Revised to keep pace with the latest chemical industry changes; designed to see students through from undergraduate study to professional practice
* End of chapter exercises and solutions

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Design
2. Fundamentals of Material Balances
3. Fundamentals of Energy Balances and Energy Utilization
4. Flow-Sheeting
5. Piping and Instrumentation
6. Costing and Project Evaluation
7. Materials of Construction
8. Design Information and Data
9. Safety and Loss Prevention
10. Equipment Selection, Specification and Design
11. Separation Columns (Distillation, Absorption and Extraction)
12. Heat-Transfer Equipment
13. Mechanical Design of Process Equipment
14. General Site Considerations
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