Chemical Process Control: An Introduction to Theory and Practice – George Stephanopoulos – 1st Edition


A thorough overview of all aspects of process control – process modeling; dynamic analyses of systems; a large variety of control schemes; synthesis of control configurations for single units and complete chemical plants; and design of digital control systems.

As its title suggests; this is an introductory text to the theory and of chemical process control. It is intended to cover the needs; as these pertain to the scope of basic chemical engineering education; (1) of a first undergraduate course in process dynamics and control; and (2) of the first part of an advanced undergraduate or graduate course in process control.

Table of Contents

1. The Control of a Chemical Process: Its Characteristics and Associated Problems.
2. Modeling the Dynamic and Static Behavior of Chemical Processes.
3. Analysis of the Dynamic Behavior of Chemical Processes.
4. Analysis and Design of Feedback Control Systems.
5. Analysis and Design of Advanced Control Systems.
6. Design of Control Systems for Multivariable Processes.
7. Process Control Using Digital Computers.
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