Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems – Thornton, Marion – 5th Edition


This best-selling text, written for the advanced undergraduate one- or two-semester , provides a complete account of the classical mechanics of , systems of particles, and rigid bodies. is used extensively to explore topics.The Lagrangian formulation of mechanics is introduced early to show its powerful problem solving ability.

Modern notation and are used throughout in support of the text’s objective: to facilitate ’ transition to advanced physics and the mathematical formalism needed for the of physics. can easily be used for a one- or two-semester course, depending on the instructor’s choice of topics.

Table of Contents

1. Matrices, Vectors, and Vector Calculus.
2. Newtonian Mechanics-Single Particle.
3. Oscillations.
4. Nonlinear Oscillations and Chaos.
5. Gravitation.
6. Some Methods in the Calculus of Variations.
7. Hamilton's Principle-Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics.
8. Central-Force Motion.
9. Dynamics of a System of Particles.
10. Motion in a Noninertial Reference Frame.
11. Dynamics of Rigid Bodies.
12. Coupled Oscillations.
13. Continuous Systems: Waves.
14. The Special Theory of Relativity.
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