College Physics – Hugh D. Young – 9th Edition


For more than five decades, and Zemansky’s has provided the most reliable foundation of physics education for around the world. The Ninth Edition continues that tradition with new features that directly address the demands on today’s and today’s classroom.

A broad and thorough introduction to physics, this new edition maintains its highly respected, traditional approach while implementing some new solutions to difficulties. Many ideas stemming from educational research help develop greater confidence in solving problems, deepen conceptual understanding, and strengthen quantitative-reasoning skills, while helping them connect what they learn with their other courses and the changing world around them.

Math review has been expanded to encompass a full chapter, complete with end-of-chapter questions, and in each chapter applications and problems have been added along with a set of MCAT-style passage problems. Media resources have been strengthened and linked to the Pearson eText, MasteringPhysics®, and much more.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 0 Mathematics Review
Chapter 1 Models, Measurements, and Vectors
Chapter 2 Motion along a Straight Line
Chapter 3 Motion in a Plane
Chapter 4 Newton’s Laws of Motion
Chapter 5 Applications of Newton’s Laws
Chapter 6 Circular Motion and Gravitation
Chapter 7 Work and Energy
Chapter 8 Momentum
Chapter 9 Rotational Motion
Chapter 10 Dynamics of Rotational Motion
Chapter 11 Elasticity and Periodic Motion
Chapter 12 Mechanical Waves and Sound
Chapter 13 Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 14 Temperature and Heat
Chapter 15 Thermal Properties of Matter
Chapter 16 The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Chapter 17 Electric Charge and Electric Field
Chapter 18 Electric Potential and Capacitance
Chapter 19 Current, Resistance, and Direct-Current Circuits
Chapter 20 Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forces
Chapter 21 Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter 22 Alternating Current
Chapter 23 Electromagnetic Waves
Chapter 24 Geometric Optics
Chapter 25 Optical Instruments
Chapter 26 Interference and Diffraction
Chapter 27 Relativity
Chapter 28 Photons, Electrons, and Atoms
Chapter 29 Atoms, Molecules, and Solids
Chapter 30 Nuclear and High-Energy Physics

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