Communication Systems- Simon Haykin – 4th Edition


This best-selling, easy-to-read, systems text has been extensively revised to include the most exhaustive treatment of digital in an undergraduate level text. In addition to being the most up-to-date communications text available, Simon Haykin has added MATLAB computer experiments.

Intended for use in the Communication Systems course in the Electrical Engineering core curriculum. This course is typically offered at the junior/senior level in electrical engineering departments at the majority of four year colleges and universities that have electrical engineering programs. The introductory course in communication systems is required for electrical engineering majors. This text will also appeal to a small segment of the professional engineering market.

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Table of Contents

Random Processes.
*Continuous-Wave Modulation.
*Pulse Modulation.
*Baseband Pulse Transmission.
*Signal-Space Analysis.
*Passband Digital Transmission.
*Spread-Spectrum Modulation.
*Multiuser Radio Communications.
*Fundamental Limits in Information Theory.
*Error-Control Coding.
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