Conceptual Physics – Benjamin Crowell – 1st Edition


This is a nonmathematical physics textbook, designed so that it can be used either for a semester-length of the type popularized by Hewitt, or for a shorter course of 8 or 10 weeks. The covers conservation of mass and energy, conservation of momentum, conservation of angular momentum, relativity, electricity, fields, the ray model of light and waves.

The is designed so that chapters 1, 2, and 5 are the only ones that are required for continuity; any of the others can be included or omitted at the instructor’s discretion, with the only constraint being that chapter 6 requires chapter 4.

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  • 1. Conservation of Mass and Energy
    2. Conservation of Momentum
    3. Conservation of Angular Momentum
    4. Relativity
    5. Electricity
    6. Fields
    7. The Ray Model of Light
    8. Waves
  • Citation

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