Corrosion Engineering: Principles and Practice – P. Roberge – 1st Edition


Now you can turn to Corrosion Engineering for expert coverage of the theory and current practices you need to understand water, atmospheric, and high-temperature corrosion . This comprehensive explains step-by-step how to prevent and corrosion in all types of metallic materials and -from steel and structures to pipelines.

Filled with 300 illustrations, this skills-building guide shows you how to utilize advanced inspection and monitoring for corrosion problems in infrastructure, and food industries, manufacturing, and military industries. Authoritative and complete, Corrosion Engineering features:

  • Expert guidance on corrosion prevention and control techniques
  • Hands-on methods for inspection and monitoring of corrosion problems
  • New methods for dealing with corrosion
  • A review of current , with numerous examples and calculations

Table of Contents

• Introduction: Scope and Language of Corrosion
• Electrochemistry of Corrosion
• Environments: Atmospheric Corrosion
• Corrosion by Water and Steam
• Corrosion in Soils
• Reinforced Concrete
• High-Temperature Corrosion
• Materials and How They Corrode: Engineering Materials
• Forms of Corrosion
• Methods of Control: Protective Coatings
• Cathodic Protection
• Corrosion Inhibitors
• Failure Analysis and Design Considerations
• Testing and Monitoring: Corrosion Testing and Monitoring
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