Creative Sequencing Techniques for Music Production – Andrea Pejrolo – 1st Edition


An inspirational guide for all levels of expertise, Creative Sequencing Techniques for Music Production shows you how to get the most out of the four leading audio sequencers, Logic, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, and Cubase. Using real-life examples, Andrea Pejrolo demonstrates a wide range of technical and creative techniques, giving you tips and new ideas to help you take your work to the next level.

If you are producing music and looking to build your skills in orchestration, composition, and mixing you will find all the techniques and practical advice you need in this book. Featuring essential tools, that are now part of the everyday creative in a digital production environment, to give you the most recent and cutting edge techniques- including swipe-comping, time-stretching, pitch correction, elastic-time, advanced-freezing, and new synthesizers.

The material on the website contains loops, templates, audio examples, and end of chapter exercises to new skills, this illustrated practical guide provides all the you will need to give your music the vital edge.

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  • Introduction
    Studio setup
    Basic sequencing techniques
    Intermediate sequencing techniques
    Advanced sequencing techniques
    Elements of MIDI Orchestration
    The Final Mix
    Companion CD
  • Citation

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