Cryptography in C and C++ – Michael Welschenbach – 2nd Edition


This offers a comprehensive yet relentlessly practical overview of the of modern cryptography. It contains a wide-ranging library of code in C and C++, including the RSA algorithm, completed by an extensive Test Suite that proves that the code works correctly. Readers will learn, step by step, how to implement a platform-independent library for the all-important multiprecision arithmetic used in modern cryptography. This is followed by an implementation of the cryptographic themselves.

This covers everything you need to know to write professional-level cryptographic code. This expanded, improved second edition includes about 100 pages of new material as well as numerous improvements to the original text.

The chapter about random number generation has been completely rewritten, and the latest are covered in detail. Furthermore, this covers the recent improvements in primality testing.

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  • Number Formats: The Representation of Large Numbers in C
    Modular Arithmetic: Calculating with Residue Classes
    Basic Number-Theoretic Functions
    Let C++ Simplify Your Life
    The LINT Public Interface: Members and Friends
  • Citation

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