Data and Computer Communication – William Stallings – 10th Edition


Data and , 10e, is a two-time winner of the best and textbook of the year award from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association. It is ideal for one / two-semester courses in Computer Networks, Data Communications, and Communications Networks in CS, CIS, and departments.

This book is also suitable for Product Development personnel, , Systems , Network Designers and others involved in the of data communications and networking products.

With a focus on the most current technology and a convenient modular format, this best-selling text offers a clear and comprehensive survey of the entire data and computer communications field. Emphasizing both the fundamental principles as well as the critical role of performance in driving protocol and network design, it explores in detail the critical technical areas in data communications, wide-area networking, local area networking, and protocol design.

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Table of Contents

Part One - Overview
Part Two - Data Communications
Part Three - Wide Area Networks
Part Four - Four Local Area Networks
Part Five - Internet and Transport Protocols
Part Six - Data Communications and Wireless Networks
Part Seven - Seven Internetworking
Part Eight - Internet Applications
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