Data Structures And Algorithms in Java – Adam Drozdek – 2nd Edition


Using the Java , author Adam Drozdek highlights three important aspects of and algorithms. First, the book places special emphasis on the connection between data structures and their algorithms, including an analysis of the algorithms’ complexity. Second, the book presents data structures in the context of object-oriented program , stressing the principle of information hiding in its treatment of encapsulation and decomposition.

Finally, the book closely examines data implementation. Overall, this practical and theoretical book prepares with a solid foundation in data structures for future courses and work in design implementation, testing, or maintenance of virtually any system.

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Table of Contents

1. Object-Oriented Programming Using Java
2. Complexity Analysis
3. Linked Lists
4. Stacks and Queues
5. Recursion
6. Binary Trees
7. Multiway Trees
8. Graphs
9. Sorting
10. Hashing
11. Data Compression
12. Memory Management
13. String Matching

Appendix A: Computing BIG-O
Appendix B: NP-Completenes
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