Design of Machinery – Robert L. Norton – 3rd Edition


Robert Norton’s “Design of Machinery, 3/e” continues the tradition of this bestselling book by emphasizing the design aspects of mechanisms and providing numerous industry examples and illustrations for readers. Norton provides a solid conceptual foundation for the kinematics and dynamics of machinery, presented in the context of what a design engineer needs to work with.

The new 3/e has revised and expanded chapter problem set – 231 new problems have been added. 88 Project Assignments are also included to give readers an in-depth look at mechanism design and analysis procedures in a realistic format. Coverage of compliant mechanisms and MEMS has been added in Chapter 2; a section entitled “Some Useful Mechanisms” is now in Chapter 3; treatment of cams in Chapters 8 has been condensed and modernized. Information on transmissions and engine dynamics has been enhanced and expanded as well.

The third edition comes with a bound-in Student Resources CD-ROM, with Norton’s own student-version programs, an extensive group of Working Model simulations (by Sid Wang, North Carolina A&T University), additional Working Model examples, and the MSC Working Model 2-D program itself (demonstration version). A new Book Website includes additional instructor and student resources. Detailed solutions to all chapter problems and project assignments, are available to instructors on the website, under password protection.

Table of Contents

Part I Kinematics of Mechanisms

1 Introduction
2 Kinematics Fundamentals
3 Graphical Linkage Synthesis
4 Position Analysis
5 Analytical Linkage Synthesis
6 Velocity Analysis
7 Acceleration Analysis
8 Cam Design
9 Gear Trains

Part II Dynamics of Machinery

10 Dynamics Fundamentals
11 Dynamic Force Analysis
12 Balancing
13 Engine Dynamics
14 Multicylinder Engines
15 Cam Dynamics
16 Engineering Design

Appendix A Computer Programs
Appendix B Material Properties
Appendix C Geometric Properties
Appendix D Spring Data
Appendix E Atlas of Geared Fivebar Linkage Coupler Curve
Appendix F Answers to Selected Problems

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