Design of Machinery – Robert L. Norton – 2nd Edition


Design of Machinery continues the tradition of this best-selling book through its balanced coverage of and design, and outstanding use of realistic engineering examples. Through its reader-friendly style of , clear exposition of complex topics, and emphasis on synthesis and design, the text succeeds in conveying the art of design as well as the use of modern needed for analysis of the kinematics and dynamics of machinery.

Numerous two-color illustrations are used throughout to provide a visual approach to understanding and machines. Analytical synthesis of linkages is covered, and cam design is given a more thorough, practical treatment than found in other texts.

Table of Contents

Kinematics of Mechanisms

  1. Introduction

  2. Kinematics Fundamentals

  3. Graphical Linkage Synthesis

  4. Position Analysis

  5. Analytical Linkage Synthesis

  6. Velocity Analysis

  7. Acceleration Analysis

  8. Cam Design

  9. Gear Trains

Dynamics of Machinery

  1. Dynamics Fundamentals

  2. Dynamic Force Analysis

  3. Balancing

  4. Engine Dynamics

  5. Multicylinder Engines

  6. Com Dynamics

  7. Engineering Design

Appendix A Computer Programs
Appendix B Material Properties
Appendix C Geometric Properties
Appendix D Spring Data
Appendix E Atlas of Geared Fivebar Linkage Coupler Curve
Appendix F Answers to Selected Problems

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