Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems – Edwards & Penney – 2nd Edition


For introductory courses in .This text provides the conceptual and geometric visualization of a modern while maintaining the solid foundation of algebraic techniques that are still essential to science and students.

It reflects the new excitement in equations as the availability of technical environments likeMaple, Mathematica, and MATLAB reshape the role and applications of the discipline. New has motivated a shift in emphasis from traditional, manual methods to both qualitative and -based methods that render accessible a wider range of realistic applications. With this in mind, the text augments core skills with conceptual perspectives that students will need for the effective use of differential equations in their subsequent work and study.

Table of Contents

1. First Order Differential Equations.
2. Mathematical Models and Numerical Methods.
3. Linear Equations of Higher Order.
4. Introduction to Systems of Differential Equations.
5. Linear Systems of Differential Equations.
6. Nonlinear Systems and Phenomena.
7. Laplace Transform Methods.
8. Power Series Methods.
9. Fourier Series Methods.
10. Eigenvalues and Boundary Value Problems.
Appendix: Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions.
Answers to Selected Problems.

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