Differential Equations & Linear Algebra – Jerry Farlow – 2nd Edition


For sophomore-level courses in Equations and Linear . Extensively rewritten throughout, the Second Edition of this flexible text features a seamless of into the discipline of . Abundant graphics,

IDE interactive illustration , and well-thought-out problem sets make it an excellent choice for either the combination DE/LA or pure differential equations courses.”” The authors’ consistent, reader-friendly presentation encourages to think both quantitatively and qualitatively when approaching differential equations — and reinforces concepts using similar methods to solve various (algebraic, differential, and iterative).

Table of Contents

1 First-Order Differential Equations
2 Linearity and Nonlinearity
3 Linear Algebra
4 Higher-Order Linear Differential Equations
5 Linear Transformations
6 Linear Systems of Differential Equations
7 Nonlinear Systems of Differential Equations
8 Laplace Transforms
9 Discrete Dynamical Systems
10 Control Theory
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