Digital Fundamentals – Thomas L. Floyd – 9th Edition


For Digital courses requiring a comprehensive text covering basic to advanced digital concepts with an emphasis on problem solving, troubleshooting and applications.

Floyd’s acclaimed emphasis on applications using real and on troubleshootinggives the problem-solving experience they’ll need in their professional careers. Known for its clear, accurate explanations of theory supported by superior exercises and examples, this ’s full-color format is packed with the visual aids today’s students need to grasp often complex concepts.

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  • 1. Digital Concepts.
    2. Number Systems, Operations, and Codes.
    3. Logic Gates.
    4. Boolean Algebra and Logic Simplification.
    5. Combinational Logic Analysis.
    6. Functions of Combinational Logic.
    7. Latches, Flip-Flops, and Timers.
    8. Counters.
    9. Shift Registers.
    10. Memory and Storage.
    11. Programmable Logic and Software.
    12. Introduction to Computers.
    13. Introduction to Digital Signal Processing.
    14. Integrated Circuit Technologies.
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