Digital Signal Processing: A Computer-Based Approach – Sanjit Mitra – 2nd Edition


Based on Sanjit Mitra’s extensive teaching and research experience, Digital (Computer Based Approach), a computer-based approach, Second Edition, is written with the reader in mind.

A key feature of this book is the extensive use of MATLAB-based examples that demonstrate its powerful program capability to solve signal problems.

The book is intended for a course on digital signal processing for seniors or freshmen. This highly popular book presents the tools used in the of discrete time for signal processing. A number of changes have been made to the contents of the book, based on reviewer and student feedback.

Table of Contents

  1 Signals and Signal Processing
2 Discrete-Time Signals and Systems in the Time-Domain
3 Transform-Domain Representations of Discrete-Time Signals
4 LTI Discrete-Time Systems in the Transform-Domain
5 Digital Processing of Continuous-Time Signals
6 Digital Filter Structures
7 Digital Filter Design
8 DSP Algorithm Implementation Considerations
9 Analysis of Finite Wordlength Effects
10 Multirate Digital Signal Processing
11 Applications of Digital Signal Processing
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