Digital Signal Processing: A Computer-Based Approach- Sanjit Mitra – 3rd Edition


Digital Signal Processing: A Computer-Based Approach is intended for a two-semester course on digital signal processing for seniors or first-year graduate students. Based on user feedback, a number of new topics have been added to the third edition, while some excess topics from the second edition have been removed. The author has taken great care to organize the chapters more logically by reordering the sections within chapters. More worked-out examples have also been included. The book contains more than 500 and 150 exercises.

New topics in the third edition include: short-time characterization of -time signals, expanded coverage of discrete-time transform and discrete Fourier transform, prime factor algorithm for DFT computation, sliding DFT, zoom FFT, chirp Fourier transform, expanded coverage of z-transform, group delay equalization of IIR digital filters, design of computationally efficient FIR digital filters, semi-symbolic analysis of digital filter structures, spline interpolation, spectral factorization, discrete wavelet transform.

Table of Contents

1 Signals and Signal Processing
2 Discrete-Time Signals and Systems in the Time Domain
3 Discrete-Time Signals and Systems in the Frequency Domain
4 Digital Processing of Continuous-Time Signals
5 Finite-Length Discrete Transforms
6 Discrete-Time Signals and Systems in the z-Domain
7 LTI Discrete-Time Systems in the Transform Domain
8 Digital Filter Structures
9 IIR Digital Filter Design
10 FIR Digital Filter Design
11 DSP Algorithm Implementation
12 Analysis of Finite Wordlength Effects
13 Multirate Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals
14 Multirate Filter Banks and Wavelets
15 Applications of Digital Signal Proces
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