Digital Systems: Principles and Applications – Ronald Tocci – 10th Edition


Text for Digital Systems courses require a full text class, and proof of time with an emphasis on the “Digital ”. and Widmer use a block diagram approach for basic logical , allowing readers to have a firm grasp of the principles of before studying the electrical characteristics of integrated logic circuits.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:Introductory Concepts
Chapter 2:Number Systems and Codes
Chapter 3:Describing Logic Circuits
Chapter 4:Combinational Logic Circuits
Chapter 5:Flip-Flops and Related Devices
Chapter 6:Digital Arithmetic: Operations and Circuits
Chapter 7:Counters and Registers
Chapter 8:Integrated-Circuit Logic Families
Chapter 9:MSI Logic Circuits
Chapter 10:Digital System Projects Using HDL
Chapter 11:Interfacing with the Analog World
Chapter 12:Memory Devices
Chapter 13:Programmable Logic Device Architectures
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